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Road & Bridge Construction Injuries to the Public

Road & Bridge Construction Injuries to the Public

When a construction company is in-control of road, bridge, or overpass construction on a road or highway open to the public, they have an important responsibility to conduct construction operations in a safe manner to prevent needless injuries or deaths to the traveling public using the highway or road. The traveling public must rely on these companies to keep them safe when they are using the roadway.

Work on bridges or overpasses should be conducted to make certain that the construction activities do not cause parts of the bridge or overpass to fall onto the traveling public below and that the roadway below is closed if hazards exist. Moreover, tools and equipment being used to do work on a bridge must be secured to prevent the equipment from falling onto cars or other vehicles passing under the bridge or overpass. Regular inspections of the bridge or overpass for potential hazards should take place to make certain that the road or highway below is safe for use by the traveling public.

Cranes or other equipment should not be operated over the open highway where travelers could come into contact with the crane or equipment. A risk assessment should be conducted before the start of work to determine whether a crane or other machinery will come into close proximity to traffic and measures should be put in place to prevent needless injuries and deaths to the traveling public.

When closing highway lanes of travel, adequate warning of the lane closure must be given to provide the traveling public an opportunity to recognize the lane closure and to execute a change of lanes to avoid hazards in the closed lanes. The construction company must follow industry standards that provide safety rules for the closure of lanes.

In Washington, the Department of Labor and Industries has issued minimum safety standards for construction work that must be followed when doing road or bridge construction work. See Chapter 296-155 WAC. These regulations would apply to work being conducted on a bridge or overpass that passes over an open highway or road. Moreover, the Department of Labor and Industries, the Washington State Patrol, and the Department of Transportation have a responsibility for conducting an investigation into any injuries or fatalities that occur during construction activities on overpasses, bridges, or highways.

For decades, our lawyers have assisted injured persons and the families of people killed in road construction accidents. We understand how the failure to follow established construction safety rules can change lives in an instant and are committed to seeking justice and accountability for the people and families harmed. By holding construction companies responsible for the needless harm they cause, we hope to make construction zones safer for the traveling public and help compensate the victims for the harm caused by unsafe construction work.

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